Google Marketing

Google Ads management empowers your business by implementing strategies that yield the highest ROI and exceptional performance. We synergize the best SEM methods with our machine learning technology to obtain optimal results for your campaigns. We offer results-driven Google Ads management to supercharge your digital marketing campaign to the next level!

Google marketing Services

Google Search

Google Search Ads

Get your brand, products or services visible via Google Search Ads whenever your prospects search on Google. With our exclusive  targeting strategies, we help you run conversion-optimized campaigns in achieving your digital marketing objectives and business goals.

Google Display Ads

Reach out your brand and engage with the masses with Google Display Ads, by placing your ads banner in a network of high traffic websites. We help you segment, filter and target the potential customers that only matters to your business, with a selection of highly accurate targeting criteria.

Google Display
Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are effective for high quality leads generation as the ads message is direct and personal to the target audience with a higher acceptance level. We help you reach people with highly targeted with high-impact formats. 

Youtube Ads

If your products or services are more explainable via video, YouTube Ads is the best choice to showcase your products or services with an interactive and eye-catching video, and you only pay for audiences who watch your ads for more than 30 seconds.

Youtube Ads


Our Winning Approaches

Target right audience

Keyword Research, Management & Optimisation

Comprehensive keyword research ensures the targeting of the most relevant terms while removing negative keywords. Ongoing management monitors performance and optimization techniques, including ad testing and landing page improvements, are utilized to maximize the success of your Google Ads campaign.

Landing Page Management

Effective landing page management entails creating and optimizing landing pages that align with ad messaging and user expectations. We will ensure your landing pages are optimized for conversions, providing a seamless user experience while maximizing the chances of converting paid search and ad clicks into valuable actions and sales.

Bids Management

This strategy adjusts bids according to device, location, time of day, audience demographics and other factors relevant to you Google Ads and business the nature. It enables you to prioritize revenue-generating aspects by enhancing your business’s visibility in profitable areas and ensuring efficient budget allocation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimization involves analysing user behaviour, identifying factors that hinder conversions, and making targeted adjustments to enhance conversion rates. The number of leads may increase by optimizing landing pages, experimenting with different elements and enhancing the user experience. This strategy enhances the overall campaign’s efficiency, thereby increasing your sales.

We are so confident in our work that we are the first digital marketing agency in Malaysia to offer first month FREE management fee*.

*T&Cs apply.

organic traffic Approach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting natural and organic traffic to your website, and it ranks naturally in the first search engine result page. Getting found by your target audience is paramount to any campaign you run online. An effective Google marketing strategy combines the use of SEO and Google paid ads to cater for different search behaviour.

We optimize websites based on:

We optimize quality keywords that really matter to your business and bring conversions to you.

We organize the meta-titles, meta-tags to ensure Google can index your website content.

Off page links development is essential to make sure your website ranking is stable.

If you do not get what we promised, we provide contract extension for free of charge!

If there is not enough content on your website, we provide SEO articles write-up without any extra charge! 

Get your FREE one-to-one Google marketing consultation!

We will gather your requirements, research on your competitors and consult you with examples & references. We take pride in helping clients identify areas that might be overlooked, and then create a clear strategy for your Google marketing.