Lead Generation

Panther Protect


Security mesh doors and windows


Performance-driven webpage, lead generation using Google Search Ads, standard web development

The challenges

Security mesh looks similar with mosquito netting, this results many users mistakenly equate security mesh with mosquito netting. As a result, marketing efforts fail to effectively target the right audience, and the leads generated are of low quality.

Our strategy and work

To assist Panther Protect in achieving their objectives, we meticulously planned and relaunched a lead generation campaign using Google Search Ads, focusing on refining key elements to enhance overall effectiveness:

1. Clear message focus

We emphasized developing a concise and impactful messaging strategy that clearly differentiates security mesh from common mosquito netting. By honing in on the unique selling points and benefits of Panther Protect’s products, we aimed to clarify the value proposition and appeal directly to the target audience’s needs and concerns.

2. Web navigation

We developed a performance-driven webpage with the goal of guiding visitors effortlessly through the site, leading them to key information and conversion points without confusion. The streamlined navigation path has enhanced the user journey, making it easier for potential customers to find relevant product details, benefits, and testimonials that build trust and encourage inquiry submissions.

3. Using the right keywords

We conducted thorough keyword research to identify terms with strong intent related to security mesh products. By targeting these keywords in our lead generation campaign, we aimed to attract more qualified traffic and increase the likelihood of converting visitors into leads.

The results

The strategy effectively met Panther Protect’s initial objectives: engaging the right audience—customers who prioritize quality over cost. This approach led to a 73% surge in high-quality leads, significantly boosting the closing rate.

Client’s tesimonial:

“I would definitely recommend Stelix Media to businesses looking to transform their digital marketing strategies and to establish a collaborative relationship. This agency actually provides a solution and recommendation to a problem rather than most agencies were to just state the problem and try to justify with vague explanations.

If you’re looking for a pro-active and collaborative agency, these are the people you go for.”

Mr Calvin Lee

Marketing Manager at Panther Protect