Lead Generation

Code One Medical


Private ambulance service, event medical standby, medical training


Performance-driven webpage, lead generation using Google Search Ads

The challenges

Code One Medical faced significant obstacles in their marketing efforts. Managing their campaigns in-house led to the use of overly technical keywords, which failed to resonate with their target audience. This disconnect resulted in a lack of understanding about their services, contributing to low inquiry rates and poor lead quality.

Our strategy and work

After conducting a comprehensive audit of Code One Medical’s marketing funnel, we identified the optimal keywords to accurately target their desired audience. We then revamped their existing website, transforming it into a dynamic, performance-driven webpage.

This new setup not only facilitates ongoing adjustments and optimizations for lead generation but also allows for regular fine-tuning of the campaign based on real-time data. This ensures that our efforts are always in perfect harmony with Code One Medical’s evolving marketing strategies and goals.

The results

With the expertise of Stelix Media, Code One Medical experiencing a remarkable 66% increase in business growth within just six months, thanks to significant boosts in website traffic and lead generation. This achievement marked the beginning of a fruitful and growing partnership.

Client’s tesimonial:

“Stelix Media team is an expert in what they do. They provide excellent advice and technical assistant. We are very happy with their service. Even within a few weeks, we experienced increase in our sales and visibility. Thank you Stephy, Felix and the team.”

Dr Aizuddin

Code One Medical