Digital Marketing Training

If you are a startup in digital marketing and your are keen to learn, we provide digital marketing training as well as consultation on how to outperform your competitors, increase your campaign ROI and generate thousands of leads or sales online.

digital marketing training

Web Development Course

Championed by experienced industrial practitioners, we provide one-to-one web development course by using WordPress platform. No programming knowledge needed, easy to learn; you can now design and build your own website.

Google Marketing Course

What you learn from Google official is the ad system setting, we take one step further to teach you how to optimise your campaign to get better results with your advertising budget.

Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook marketing is more than just ads setting. To succeed, it has to work hand in hand with the overall campaign and message strategies; of course, to achieve low advertising budget optimisation strategy as well.

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We can deliver any of our courses to your team or organization in a private format – at your location. Our coach will work with you to ensure that your training is tailored for results, while also accommodating your schedule and budget.

Web Development Course Details

Syllabus Covered:
• Develop & design website with WordPress platform
• Installing customised plug-ins
• Buying domain & hosting
• Publishing website on hosting space
• Configuring web email
• After class support

*Training is also customised based on leaner’s level

Google Marketing Course Details

Syllabus Covered:
• Writing better ads copies
• Optimizing cost-per-click
• Using ads extensions
• Using keywords advanced setting
• Determining impression share
• Optimizing quality score
• After class support

*Training is also customised based on leaner’s level

Facebook Marketing Course Details

Syllabus Covered:
• Persuasive ad copies formula
• Effective ad image design
• Advanced audience targeting setting
• Analysing result metrics
• Optimizing campaign budget
• After class support

*Training is also customised based on leaner’s level

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