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Sealy Malaysia

Sealy Malaysia is a prominent provider of premium mattresses and sleep products, dedicated to improving sleep quality with a wide range of innovative bedding solutions.


Sealy Malaysia’s original website suffered from a cluttered product catalogue presentation that overwhelmed customers and obscured product information. The lack of structure made it difficult for users to compare products or determine the best options for their specific sleep needs.


To address these issues, a comprehensive revamp of the Sealy Malaysia website was undertaken with the following strategies:

  1. Product Catalogue Restructuring: We reorganized the entire product catalogue, categorizing mattresses by type and collection. Each category received a dedicated page with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and key features highlighted for quick scanning.

  2. Product Comparison Tool: Introduced a comparison feature that allows customers to select multiple mattresses for a side-by-side comparison of features. This tool helps users make informed decisions based on their preferences and needs.

  3. Personalized Questionnaire: Implemented an interactive questionnaire that guides customers through a series of questions about their sleep habits and preferences.


Sealy Malaysia’s website transformation has not only streamlined the product presentation but also enhanced the overall customer journey. By focusing on user-friendly features and interactive tools, Sealy has strengthened its online presence and continues to be a leading choice for quality sleep products in Malaysia.