Corporate Website


Graffiquo is a technology solution company that provides3D geospatial intelligence to empower organisation for strategic decision making.


Graffiquo’s website was initially unclear and disorganized, causing confusion among visitors about the specific solutions and services offered. Users often struggled to understand the range of services, hindering the agency’s ability to capture leads and convert visitors into clients.


To address these challenges, a focused effort was made to reorganize and restructure Graffiquo’s web content, enhancing clarity and accessibility:

  1. Content Restructuring: We revamped the website layout to present Graffiquo’s services in an easily digestible format.

  2. Intuitive Navigation: Introduced a simplified navigation menu with clear labels to guide visitors directly to the information they are seeking without unnecessary complexity or confusion.

  3. Enhanced Service Description: Each service page was re-structured to include comprehensive descriptions, expected outcomes, and case studies. This approach not only clarified what Graffiquo offers but also demonstrated their expertise and results.


Graffiquo’s website revamp was pivotal in transforming how potential clients perceive and interact with their brand online. By strategically reorganizing web content and enhancing the user experience, Graffiquo has successfully positioned itself as a clear and competent leader in 3D geospatial intelligence solutions.