About Stelix Media

Stelix Media was founded in 2017, as a combination of the two founders’ names, Stephy and Felix. Stephy’s creative brilliance complemented Felix’s analytical prowess, creating a synergy that seemed almost magical.

Born from a dream to make a real difference, the secret of our success lies in treating each client as a commitment to our growth. We pride ourselves on our results-oriented approach, which has successfully helped in the expansion of our clients’ businesses. Stelix Media stand proud as a team that has grown in expertise and purpose, driven by the ambition to see our clients thrive.

Meet the Stelix Media Team


CEO, Founder

Being a marketer and business strategy coach, Felix helps companies in developing marketing strategies that foster long-term revenue growth.


COO, Co-founder

Stephy is often dwelling in the intersection of data and strategy. With her analytical prowess, she’s on a mission to develop digital strategies that drive client business growth.


Social Media

Celine is captivated by the vibrant world of social media. Driven by her passion for creativity, she is constantly sharpening her skills to craft compelling social media content.


Graphic Designer

Kae’s passion for minimalist and clean design serves as the cornerstone for transforming any idea into captivating digital art that grabs the audience’s attention.

Wen Bin


Wen Bin embraces challenges and is always on the hunt for innovation in design. He never sets limits for himself and is continually striving to create better artwork.


Web Developer

Brian has spent the past 3 years mastering web development and is passionate about creating world-class websites. He finds joy and fulfilment in overcoming new challenges.

Wei Zhi

Web Developer

Wei Zhi is dedicated to ensuring websites run smoothly and efficiently. He excels at solving problems and optimizing web performance.

Purpose, Vision,

Our Purpose

To empower SMEs in accelerating their business growth and playing a pivotal role in growing the nation’s economy.

Our Vision

A results-driven agency that drives real impact to accelerate clients’ business growth.

Our Mission

Leverage our expertise to elevate clients’ projects to world-class standards and effectively achieve their marketing goals.

Core values that drive our success


Strive to do the best


Teamwork to achieve company goals


Efficient and commit to our work


Love what we do and always be grateful


Innovate to keep improving our skills


X times client’s business growth

What makes us different


We only focus on results-driven

1. We only focus on results-driven

We understand the significance of each client; thus, we prioritize what truly matters – delivering results. This commitment is fueled by all of us in the organization, dedicate to delivering success for our clients.


Client satisfaction proves our record

2. Client satisfaction proves our record

Our years of experience in the industry have solidified our reputation for excellence, earning us the trust of our clients. Their satisfaction is evident in the numerous 5-star reviews they have graciously provided.


Efficient and commitment are our DNA

3. Efficient and commitment are our DNA

We take pride in our ability to deliver top-quality work swiftly, sparing you from prolonged waits to witness successful outcomes. Your time is valuable, and our commitment to a swift turnaround ensures you experience the result of our services promptly.

that we have

Recognitions that we have earned:

Google Partner

Meta Business Partner

TikTok Agency Partner

Majlis Tindakan Pengguna
Negara (MTPN)

Malaysian Technology
Development Corporation (MTDC)

We are also the

We are also the collaborative partner of:

Publications that we are featured in:

Malaysia Website Awards 2019 (Site of the Month Winner - Feb)

Trusted Malaysia
(15 Best Digital Marketing in Malaysia)

(Successful People in Malaysia 2021)

Dream Factory Startup Competition 2021
(Top 25 Startups)

Work with the best to elevate your business to excellence

With Stelix Media, you gain a partnership committed to pushing the boundaries of success and achieving your desired results. Join forces with us and watch your business soar to new heights of excellence.